Face the facts, not all fencing is created equally and acceptable for wildlife management on landscapes. That is why Trident Fence only offers plastic and metal fencing that are tried and proven to keep away deer and other garden nuisances.

For light to moderate deer pressure, a plastic deer fence is best. Plastic deer fence rolls are lightweight and easy to manage, offering 650-1400 pounds of breaking strength and a lifespan of up to 20 years. Trident's signature Plastic Fence with a Reinforced Bottom Edge is applauded by customers for providing ground support from deer browsing and keeping down fence stakes. Trident is also a carrier of TENAX plastic fence, made in the United States. 

For heavy deer pressure, and land damage from chewing animals, a metal deer fence serves best.Trident offers three types of metal fencing: a Steel Hex Web (best selling known for its virtual invisibility); Welded Wire (most aesthetically pleasing); and Fixed Knot (the strongest woven wire fence on the market). Steel fences from Tridentcorp are durable and long-lasting, offering a lifespan between 20-40 years!

Finally, Trident Enterprises offers electric fencing as a primary or secondary barrier of lawn and garden protection. Electric fence is not only a good choice for deer control; but is commonly used for bear deterrence and livestock security. 

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