About Us

Located in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Trident Fence is a leading distributor of fence supplies that services a variety of clients across North America that are looking to keep wildlife at bay from their landscapes.

After serving in the U.S. Navy until the late 1970s, the founder of Trident Enterprises became an electric fence installer in Frederick, Maryland. For years, the founder would receive inquiries about deer fencing; which gave him a solid idea: "Why not install these types of fence systems without help from installers?"

Today, Trident Fence does not install fence; but distributes simple plastic and metal fence materials to anyone who needs landscape protection for wildlife control. Deer Fence from Trident Enterprises is more affordable than traditional fence for landscapes and are easy to install with helping hands. 

In addition to being a supplier of deer fence materials, Trident Fence also carries a line of humane pet fence for those that wish to secure companion animals in yards without shocking them with electric fencing. Dog and cat fencing from Trident allow domestic breeds to roam freely without fear of being lost, hurt or stolen. 

Trident Fence is proud to work with national parks, forestry professionals, public and private gardens, federal agencies, deer farms, wildlife conservation groups, cannabis (marijuana and hemp) farms, schools, animal rescues and much more.

Retail brands under Trident Enterprises include: Deerbusters.com; DeerbustersCanada.ca; EasyPetFence.com; Deerfence.com; and ElectricFenceCo.com

Wildlife deterrence is made easy with Trident Fence. Call us today.