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Trident Fence sales representatives are standing by waiting to answer your questions about deer fence materials and installation.

Our team based out of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania is available Monday-Friday from 8:00AM 5:30PM. After hours, calls will be directed to our call center. This gives prospective buyers and customers 24/7 assistance!

For immediate assistance during daytime hours, contact our team:

Josh Lohman Sr. Sales and Customer Service Representative 866-290-0244 x 110
Stephanie Anderson Sales and Logistics Specialist 866-290-0244 x 107
Sam Malpas Product Manager 866-290-0244 x 106
Jennifer Smith Marketing and Public Relations Manager 866-290-0244 x 103
Angela Shade Billing and Administrative Specialist 866-290-0244 x 108

Not sure who to contact? Message our general mailbox: