The process of drying weed occurs at the point of harvesting marijuana plants to slow down the potency effects of the crop.

Marijuana drying netting is best used for indoor grower support. These FDA compliant grow house drying nets from TridentCorp are made from a BPA free polypropylene mesh with small holes that allow cannabis and hemp flowers to receive proper air circulation and light during the drying/curing process.

There are many advantages to using plastic drying netting as tray liners. For one, the mesh is lightweight and easy to manage. Plastic drying netting is easy to clean, non-stick compared to other types of lattice netting, and reusable.  Lastly, plastic lattice mesh is much cheaper than alternative mesh and can be used for outdoor use as trellis netting for marijuana, tomatoes, cucumbers and other climbing plants.

Available in different sizes to suit individual grower’s needs. Shop drying netting today from Trident Fence.

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