Heavy Duty Line Posts For 7.5' Fencing

Pack Size heavy line posts, made of galvanized steel and a weather-resistant powder coating, are built to stand-up to both the elements and persistent deer pressure. The black color of the line post and round shape are designed to blend-in for a sleek and professional look when installed with our poly deer fences.  We have included our galvanized steel ground sleeves to help you anchor your line posts into the ground for a long-lasting installation, and our matching cap inserts to seal your posts and protect them from collecting debris.

To complete your line post installation, you will need a drive cap (not included) for every 21 posts.  Place 1 heavy line post every 15 to 20 feet.

This Post Pack includes:

(7)      8.5’ x 1 5/8” pipes  (7.5’ above ground)
(7)      Ground Sleeves
(7)      1 5/8” Vinyl Post Caps