Electric Hog/Wildlife Netting 3/29.5/8- Blue, 164'

Electric netting designed to keep feral hogs and other wildlife out of your gardens and lawns and away from livestock. The height of the strands is set to make snout contact with the feral hogs likely to occur. This contact sends hogs running away from the fence instead of continuing forward. The netting has 3 conductive lines starting at 8” above ground. This space allows the fencing to maintain charge even as vegetation grows. Simple to install and set up without any special tools or experience required. Feral hog electric netting provides quick, simple effective protection from feral hogs and other wildlife. Includes orange visibility ribbon and 4 corner support stakes.

Product Specs:

Height: 29.5” above ground
Horizontal Strands: 3 Conductive
Vertical Strands: Plastic struts every 24”
Roll Length: 164’
Color: Blue/White
Line Post: Step in single spike
Distance Between Posts: 20.5’; Posts are built into the fence