8' x 330' Fixed Knot 12.5 ga 20/96/6- Blk Coated

Our 8' x 330' steel lock fence, also known as Woven Wire Fence, is the strongest steel fence for deer control available on today's market lasting between 20-40 years. We recommend this 8' x 330' solid lock fixed knot fence for use in lawn and gardens with high deer traffic. This black coated 8 foot wire fence contains high tensile steel wire that, due to its high carbon content, is stronger and lighter than other types of metal deer fence. This galvanized fence in black coating resists corrosion and rust 2-3 times better than other metal deer fences. The sturdiness of this fence is evident in the reduced amount of fence posts required to hold the fence firm and straight—only one post need be placed every 20 feet on your fence line.

Explaining this woven wire fencing:

20" lines of horizontal wire

96" inches height

6" lines of vertical wire

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