8' x 330' Fixed Knot 12.5 ga 20/96/6

This 8 foot solid lock deer fence for lawn and gardens will protect your land from even the most determined bucks. Woven Wire Fence is the strongest steel fence available on today's market for lawns and gardens made from woven wire high tensile wires. Each 385 lb roll of Fixed Knot Woven Wire Fence is 8'x 330' and includes one roll of this strong metal deer fence. The strength of this high tensile deer fence allows for posts to be placed every 20’ to reduce fence installation costs. It features 20 horizontal lines, 96" height and 6" between vertical stays. The 12.5 gauge galvanized wire fencing allows for an increased lifespan of 20-40 years. This 8' x 330' roll of fencing is perfect for large yard, garden orchard and vineyard applications.

Explaining this woven wire fixed knot fence:

20" lines of horizontal wire

96" inches height

6" lines of vertical wire

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