12.5 Gauge Fixed Knot Fence

Roll Type


High strength Class III Galvanized Wire
Corrosion and rust-resistant
Ideal for deer exclusion and livestock fencing
Fixed-knot construction is the strongest woven wire available
Lasts up to 40 years in the field


Fixed-knot fencing is ideal for deer exclusion and livestock fencing. This fencing is 12.5 gauge wire class III galvanized, creating a fence that is long-lasting and rust-resistant. The fixed knot locks the vertical stays to the horizontal stays so the fencing cannot be deformed or pushed apart.

The fence openings are graduated to keep out smaller wildlife at the base of the fence. Post for the fixed knot fence should be placed about every 20'. Perfect for livestock, large perimeters, gardens, orchards, and vineyards.

Black coated fixed knot (DE2026) is coated with black paint after being galvanized.

Bezinal coated fixed knot (DE6027) has a better coating than Class III galvanized and is expected to last up to 30 years in the field

The fixed knot comes in a variety of configurations. Use the chart below to determine the correct fence for your needs

 SKU Roll Specs Roll Length Horizontal Stays Overall Height Distance Between Vertical Stays Coating/Color
DE6025 20/96/6 330' 20 96" 6" Class III Galvanized
DE6020 20/96/12 330' 20 96" 12" Class III Galvanized
DE6026 20/96/6 330' 20 96" 6" Class III Galvanized/Black
DE6027 20/96/6 330' 20 96" 6" Bezinal
DE6030 17/75/6 330' 17 75" 6" Class III Galvanized


Fixed knot spacingFixed Knot spacing diagram