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    Tick Prevention Tools

    Tick Prevention Tools

    Ticks are most active in the spring and summer months as the seasons change and the temperatures rise. Both male and female ticks like to hide underneath leaves and in grassy areas where they wait to feed on white-tailed deer, rodents, humans and pets. Although Lyme Disease is the most common tick disease, there are other tick-borne illnesses that have made headlines - such as the Powassan Virus and the Bourbon Virus - that can cause physical damage to anyone or anything bitten by a tick.

    tick-1465067-1920-1.fw.pngLyme Disease prevention can happen; and it starts by purchasing tick tweezers from TridentCorp.com and other Use our tick remover tools immediately after a tick bite.

    How to remove a tick:

    • Disinfect the infected area with soap or rubbing alcohol.
    • Using our tick removal tool, pull the tick straight up. Be careful not to twist the tick, or break off any pieces of the tick. This can lead to the spread of disease.
    • Place the tick in a sealed container for testing.
    • Disinfect the area once more.
    • Visit your physician to be tested for tick illness.
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