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    Parks and Recreation Month


    It's Parks and Recreation Month!

    July is Parks and Recreation Month, a call to action for park services to take the necessary precautions to protect and care for local, state and national parks as well as the wildlife that surround them.

    In 2017, the National Park Service received over 330 million visitors adding to a grand total of 1.5 billion visits in the last 5 years. National parks are great for trailblazing; mountain biking; and wildlife watching; and explorers make it their mission to visit some of the 59 U.S. national parks and over 10,000 state parks during a single vacation. While many visitors visit parks to snap pictures, and scout for wildlife, others go to take home rock formation keepsakes and end up vandalizing the landscape. 

    The Environmental Damage Cost on Parks

    While national parks were designed for tourism, tourists often cause more harm than good to the landscapes. Pollution is an on-going concern - mainly littering - and can lead to animals getting trapped or tangled in debris. Sewage is often found in rivers and streams; and wooded trails, more often than not, are set ablaze due to lack of fire management. 

    But, we can't blame deforestation and other environmental impacts on parks strictly on tourists. In fact, most landscape damage is due to wildlife. For example, deer rub their antlers against tree bark and have no problem threatening ecosystems in search for food. There needs to be a peaceful resolution; so, animals can live in the wilderness away from harm's way. 

    Wildlife Conservation

    Parks are rich in diverse landscape and richer in diverse species. Yosemite National Park alone supports more than 400 species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. While animal attacks on humans are uncommon, they have occurred; and Trident is looking to work with wildlife conservation groups to protect wild animals from hunters and other wild predators. 

    Tying it all together

    Parks and recreational areas experience the most visitors throughout the hot, summer months; and this is why park managers need to do what they can to protect landscapes from wildlife damage. Trident Enterprises will work with conservationists and park rangers to install deer fencing to care for land and to protect endangered species. 

    Contact Trident Enterprises during July's Parks and Recreation Month for wholesale deer fencing.


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