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    Military Appreciation Month


    Thank You, Veterans!

    Did you know the military holds a special place in our hearts? Because May is Military Appreciation Month, we want to tell you the background story behind the company name. 

    mil2.jpgTrident Enterprises' founder, Jack Olive, served in the Navy from the 1960s to early 1980s on the Ohio Class of submarines dubbed the "Trident Subs" known for carrying the [Trident] ballistic cruise missiles. He retired early, and moved to Frederick, Maryland where he worked as an electric fence installer. For a year, slow inquiries about deer management led him to think that he could start his own company; and in 1984, he did just that.

    And, what did he name his brand?

    Trident Enterprises, of course. While Trident Enterprises does not do fence installation any longer, they do carry wholesale fence materials for garden nurseries, universities, orchards and government initiatives.

    As you can see, Military Appreciation Month means a lot to us. This is why we are announcing a special discount to our military veterans including active duty. Quote promo code "Military" at checkout to obtain this special offer; or call Trident Enterprises for details.



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