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    Dog Fence Rolls

    Dog Fence Rolls

    Dogs need a minimum of 30 minutes of daily activity. Without outdoor exercise, dogs will become lethargic and obese. In fact, obesity rates in dogs have increased over the years. In 2014, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimated that 52.7 percent of dogs were overweight or obese. For this reason and more, dog fencing is a must for pet owners, dog rescues and animal shelters.

    Trident Corp offers different sizes of dog fences in poly and metal mesh materials to appeal to all dog breeds. For small, calmer dogs that will not jump on the fence, nor challenge its strength, we suggest installing a poly dog fence around properties. If your dog is a chewer or digger, however, then your dog is best behind a metal dog fence such as our steel hex web dog fence for sale. Metal dog fence rolls are the strongest option available on today's market and appear virtually invisible from a short distance.

    Explore the many different types of dog fence rolls; and contact Trident Corp with any questions.

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