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    Cat Fence

    Cat Fence

    Our cat fence, called the Kitty Corral, is designed to keep cats safely enclosed, no matter how much they try to escape. Customers trust our Kitty Corral  Cat Fence Kits for a number of reasons. Firstly, our cat fence kit is an easy-to-install cat enclosure that is designed to gently sway to deter the cat from climbing. Not only are these cat enclosures reliable, but they are built to stand up against the weather elements. Our catios are offered in sizes 6' and 7.5' high. These cat fences are great for dogs, as well that may be getting annoyed by feral cats!

    The popular Cat Containment Kit, with overhang extensions and zip ties, is a top choice for cat owners who already own an existing structure and want to turn it into a larger play area for cats. Expanding the cat's play area has never been this easy.

    Whatever cat fence size you need, you can find it through The Trident Corporation. Shop cat fencing now.

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