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    About HEXAGONE Steel Hex Web Fence



    Waynesboro, PA: Deerbusters is pleased to announce a new addition to the Steel Hex Web Fence collection affectionately referred to as HEXA-GONE™.


    Steel Hex Web is Trident’s bestselling metal deer and fence, known for its virtual invisibility and chew-proof components. It was developed by Peter Aquilina, owner and operator of Deer DeFence in Seymour, Connecticut.


    With the release of a 7.5’ x 100’ HEXA-GONE™ fence on TridentCorp.com, web visitors will learn that it lasts 10 years longer than the original version; contains thicker PVC-coating to protect the steel; and is stronger with a breaking strength of 1250+ pounds. It is manufactured using a higher carbon fiber making the wire harder and increasing the strength compared to other hex products.


    Features of HEXA-GONE™ include:


    • 20 Gauge Starting Wire; 18 Gauge after PVC Coating
    • 1” Hexagonal openings
    • 1250+ Breaking Strength
    • Industry leading PVC Coating- Durable longer lasting protection. Thickest coating of any Steel Hex on the market.
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized- Class 3 coating will prevent rusting for up to 30 years
    • Designed for ground contact and in ground use
    • Suitable for use in coastal applications
    • Life Expectancy of 30 years


    “With the introduction of the HEXA-GONE™, we are raising the standards of metal deer fencing. Deerbusters customers deserve the best; and the stronger Steel Hex Web fence will help protect gardens from deer damage and homeowners from tick diseases spread by deer,” says Aquilina.


    This type of steel fence is recommended to use on landscapes to keep out deer, coyote, rabbits and other small critters. HEXA-GONE™ is available for sale on TridentCorp.com and affiliate websites.



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